USA trip March 2001

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Russ Tillman K5NRK and his daughter Blair who hosted us in while we were in Vicksburg. Russ was pointing out some interesting features about the Mississippi

 A wild bob cat... This wild bob cat  wandered into the Tillmans back yard one morning . Russ assured us that it wasn't a regular occurrence.

Russ & Dottie Tillman's new home in Vicksburg  Mississippi.

Bruce KK5DO (left) and Jerry K5OE (right).  Bruce picked us up from our motel when we first arrived  and drove us around for 2 days meeting other ham radio operators, and showing us the greater part of Houston

The Lance family.   Renee, KC5VMA. Nick, KC5KBO. Nick jnr, KC5SWM. and Erica, KC5KBP were our hosts for a most enjoyable four days when we returned to Houston. Photo was taken on a picnic looking at wild flowers in Texas

Reception at Ellington for ISS Alpha crew. The first crew of the ISS returns on flight STS-102 to a reception at Ellington Airfield Houston.  Sergei Krikalev, Bill Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko.

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