Some photos of ARISS* activities

* Amateur Radio on International Space Station


  • Meet some of the ARISS team that work behind the scenes and make possible this educational program for schools around the world.

  • Have a look at some of the satellite telebridge stations and their operators.

  • See  setups installed to enable  schools to have a direct contact.

  • Check out some of the students faces as they speak to the astronauts

  • Take a look inside the ISS and see the astronauts speaking to students




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Setting up tracking antennas at Burbank School, Illinois in freezing conditions

Charlie AJ9N and team adjusting the rotator unit on the roof at Burbank School, Illinois In a warmer environment Charlie AJ9N checking out equipment minutes before contact with ISS Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, President of ARISS with Lou McFadden, W5DID at NN1SS Unwanted guests sitting on tracking antennas at NN1SS


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Honolulu Telebridge Station at Sacred Heart Acadamy with Nancy, WH6PN & Dick, AH6NM

Satellite antennas at the Honolulu Telebridge Station

Tim Bosma, W6ISS. Tim handles scheduling and is also a Telebridge Operator at W6SRJ in Santa Rosa, California

Part of  the W6ISS Telebridge Station at Santa Rosa, California

Another view of W6ISS Satellite Telebridge Station


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Satoshi Yasuda, 7M3TJZ Satoshi manages ARISS Operations in Japan South African ARISS Telebridge Station with operator Gerald, ZS6BTD Students at Deep Creek, Oregon doing a direct link with the ISS

Astronaut Susan Helms speaking to students. Photo courtesy of NASA

VK5ZAI's Antenna tracking the ISS


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Sth. African Mark Shuttleworth taking time of from experiments during his week stay on the ISS Photo courtesy of NASA

Students  at  Zeehan Primary School in Tasmania, asking Carl Walz questions. A direct radio link handled by Bill, VK7KHZ & DICK, VK7KBV 

 Tony,  VK5ZAI's  ARISS Telebridge Station in Paringa, South Australia

Students of the Oberschule fuer Geometer in Bolzano, Italy speaking to Dan Bursh via a telebridge station in Australia

Expedition 3 Commander Frank Culbertson using ARISS radio  on International Space Station Photo courtesy of NASA