A brief summary for the newcomer who is interested in

becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator


The hobby of Amateur Radio, also known as "Ham radio" dates back to the early 1900ís when radio itself was in its infancy. The hobby is truly an international one, spanning most countries in the world. It is non-racist, non-political, and non-religious and among itís ranks you will find men and women from all lifestyles from kings and national celebrities to the average working person.



Amateur Radio is a worldwide group of people with common yet widely varying interests, able to exchange ideas and knowledge about each other via two-way radio. Because of this, Amateur Radio has the ability to enhance international relations, as does no other hobby.



It is possible to speak or send digital data such as pictures to people all over the world, they may be camping, onboard a ship in the ocean, flying in a plane or an astronaut circling the earth. All this can be done without leaving your home.



As with most interests and hobbies you can start with the basics and add on at a later date as the situation allows.



Amateur Radio is indeed a wonderful hobby, age is no barrier, nor is a physical handicap, and lifetime friends are made worldwide every day.



If  you wish to learn more about Amateur Radio follow this lead to the ARRL WEB SITE and read on or contact me at my address or any other Amateur Radio enthusiast.


                                               Tony.     VK5ZAI.